10 Mean Girls GIFs That Describe Your Horse Life

It’s October 3rd. (Actually it’s October 4, but close enough.)

Happy October 3: if you’re a child of the internet (and we’re assuming you are, since you’re here at HorseNation.com) then you’re probably already aware that it’s Mean Girls Day, thanks to this scene:

In honor of this generation’s favorite high school movie, we’re celebrating Mean Girls Day with a GIF collection that perfectly sums up your equestrian life.

All of your barn friends when the local tack shop is having a sale:


When the planets have finally aligned and you’re ready to go horse show this weekend and your horse is like:


When that one mare at the end of the aisle comes into heat:


Your trainer when you’re trying to slack off and ask her why you have to do so many grids with no stirrups:


The announcer at the fun show:


Trying to read your imported Warmblood’s paperwork like:


Your best barn friends after a rough lesson:


The horses at the hay feeder when a new horse is introduced to the pasture:


When the WEG did not go as planned for the US eventing team:


When your riding time overlaps with the pony girls’ lesson hour at the barn:

You’re so fetch, Horse Nation. Go riding!

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