Daily Dose of Adorable: Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

We don’t know if the cutest thing about this video is the pony, the tiny driver and navigator, or those bitty hooves firing to the beat of Euro technopop.

“Start ’em young,” the saying goes — and while we’re normally squee-ing here at HN headquarters over cute wee riders on their ponies or patient horses doing cute things like roping a calf dummy or falling off in harmless slow-motion, today’s Daily Dose of Adorable takes us to the driving arena: watch this little tot with navigator in tow piloting the world’s fastest-trotting pony through a cones course. (Bonus points if you watch with the volume turned up for the killer soundtrack.)

Go, little team, go! While most of us have learned to fear ponies (the smaller, the worse, especially when hitched to a cart) we’d take this little chunker and his team of wee drivers any day. This is the future of the equestrian world, folks, trotting their little hearts out.

Thanks to JoAnn Eaton Strauss for the tip!

Go driving!

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