World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Coffee Ride-Thru

The “pony espresso” jokes never get old.

What would make your morning coffee just a little bit better? Enjoying it from horseback, of course! And that’s exactly what reining and horsemanship trainer Stacy Westfall did when she was visiting Norco, California, known as “Horse Town USA” — the city is filled with bridle trails that make it safe and easy for horseback riders to head into town and hang out, as well as hitching rails and public corrals so riders can put up their steeds while shopping or dining.

Unless, of course, you’re like Stacy, who realized there was no need to put her horse up in the corral when she could just as easily ride through to get that latte! Ride along with Stacy for a little Starbucks from the saddle:

A women after our own hearts — skip that corral and ride straight for the pick-up window, friends!

Go riding!

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