16 Thoughts Every Equestrian Has Immediately Regretted

“I should NOT have said that.”

Photo by Kristen Kovatch

Photo by Kristen Kovatch

Between the concept of “famous last words” and Murphy’s Law, we’re pretty sure we can’t possibly be the only ones guilty of saying or thinking the following statements and then immediately wishing we could take them back.

“This course/test/pattern is going SO well.”

“Nah, I don’t need to lunge today.”

“This new blanket looks great on you, horse!”

“He’s going so well today, let’s video the next round.”

“I bet I can do that fancy trace clip I saw on Facebook.”

 “That was the best transition you’ve ever done! Let’s do it again.”

 “I can carry all of this tack in one trip.”

“I don’t have that much time, so let’s just ride bareback.”

“Yeah, we can go to the auction just to look.”

“We can definitely jump that.”

“Oh, that wasn’t that big of a buck.”

“I think I might fall off.”

“I don’t mind riding a green horse.”

“Race? Sure, why not?”

“This is the perfect moment for a selfie.”

“I don’t need to check my girth.”

Go riding!

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