Thursday Video: Walking By Faith

This video chronicling the partnership between a man and his blind horse will warm your heart!

There’s a saying, “horses give us the wings we lack.” And when we have an opportunity to give something back to the horse, a true horseman will always find a way. Take Roderick Olson, for example — when his riding horse Zaxson went blind a few years ago, he found a way to give him the eyes the animal lacked.

Roderick and Zaxson still enjoy trail riding despite the horse’s limited sight: check out this video from Great Big Story documenting this touching partnership.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

We love stories about riders who never gave up on their horses, no matter what curve balls life threw their way — these stories remind us that no matter how many dark and dire things might happen in this world, there are still moments worth celebrating through the indescribable bond between horse and rider.

Go hug your horse, and go riding.

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