Fantasy Farm Thursdays: The Invisible Figueras Polo Stables

Did you hear that rumbling sort of pop just now? That was the sound of our minds being blown by Nacho Figueras’ out-of-this-world polo farm. Lorraine Jackson takes us on a virtual tour!

I’m breaking my rule this week, friends. Rather than the usual riff-raff of tempting you with a barn that — for the right absurd price — is hot on the market and ready for a buyer, I’m showing you a facility that is beyond magic, beyond architecture, and beyond a price tag. Figueras Polo Stables may not be for sale, but fantasizing will cost you exactly $Free.99.

The first and most incredible thing about La Figueras is that from nearly all angles, this barn is practically invisible. The modern, avant-gard design and concept are the workings of Polo heart-throb and top athlete Nacho Figueras and his archtecture team at Figueras Design Group. It’s not just about ergonomics and flashy ideas – it’s about a whole way of life.

#figueraspolostables from the road.

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From the initial entrance, you would have virtually no idea you were looking at a fully operating facility of any kind, let alone a barn. The face of the barn blends into the grass on three sides, contrasting the blank white face against the stark nature of the greenery. But once you get inside, there’s a whole active universe at play.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Nacho describes his reason for this design as being to showcase his breeding stock of world-class polo ponies, who are not just horses in his mind, but art. The horses are meant to be framed by their surroundings, and coveted like well-lit jewels on velvet cushions.

The rooftops have been turned to turf, and the aquifer systems which water the horses and the grass are meant to be enjoyed as well as admired.

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The facility also has full size polo fields for training, hacking trails, and much more for bringing the breeding stock up in a lifestyle that prepares them to be true champions on the field.

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The interior logistical spaces are every bit as lovely – you might say the tack room is a work of art, as well:

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If the horses are the art, then light is definitely an assistant artist in residence. The whole design — from sunshine to every last lightbulb — was carefully considered when building this masterpiece from the ground up.

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The only only question I have is how they keep rambunctious yearlings from throwing themselves over the end of the roof, but they seem to manage, somehow!

If you’re dying to see and learn more about La Figueras Stables in Argentina, We suggest checking out this feature in Forbes Magazine, and following Nacho Figueras on Instagram. (He also recently did a completely hilarious and exuberant segment with late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien that we highly recommend).

Go Nacho, and Go Riding!

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