SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Marcus Ehning and Comme il faut Win GCT Vienna

Look, it’s not just a Grand Prix win: it’s watching Marcus Ehning ride to “Marvin Gaye,” listening to endearing commentary and falling deeply in love with the plucky little Comme il faut.

Marcus Ehning on Comme Il Faut. Photo by Stefano Grasso/LGCT.

Marcus Ehning on Comme Il Faut. Photo by Stefano Grasso/LGCT.

I think I’d be hard-pressed to describe a series of rounds I enjoyed more than watching Germany’s Marcus Ehning aboard Comme il faut win the Grand Prix of the Global Champions Tour stop in Vienna from this past weekend. Not only is it always a treat to watch Ehning perform — the man’s one of the greats, after all — but this horse, who jumps like a little deer with springs on his feet, is so marvelously entertaining to watch that you can’t help but gasp, grin and laugh out loud with the assembled audience at this pair literally flies over the fences.

If the performance itself doesn’t get you emotionally invested, the commentary might: here are just a few of my favorite statements from the very British commentators.

  • “Proper little jumper, this, isn’t he?”
  • “Cheeky little monkey!”
  • “He’s like a deer!”
  • “This little feller’ll keep doing it!”
  • “Springs like he’s hopping through the forest!”
  • “A little flier of a pair.”

And, of course, there’s that whole first round to Charlie Puth’s “Marvin Gaye,” because there’s no way that’s not hilarious when you’re watching a very serious German working his professional way around a tough course.

UM THAT JUMP-OFF THOUGH. Seriously, watch it a second time, because this little horse does some contortionist tricks that I’m pretty sure defied the laws of physics.

A well-earned victory for Marcus Ehning and Comme il faut! The Global Champions Tour concludes in November with what is sure to be a thrilling finale in Doha, with Sweden’s Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and Australia’s Edwina Tops-Alexander both in contention for the Champion of Champions title. Keep it locked on our sister site Jumper Nation for more international and national hunter/jumper news!

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