Tuesday Video: Photoshoot Behind-the-Scenes

The final photo might look perfect, but horses will be horses behind the scenes!

Reader Patty Wesner sent us this video: “This is a video I took during a photo shoot with photographer Tracey Buyce. Her still shot of this is ethereal. Here is the video of my horse Steele (Percheron) during the shoot as the model Cailin gets ready.”

We’re no strangers to Tracey Buyce’s work here at Horse Nation, and we know she’ll do pretty much anything to get the perfect shot. So, apparently, will Steele:

Phew … usually when a horse starts pawing in water, it’s leading to only one thing — but Steele’s a professional and kept Cailin and her beautiful dress out of the water that day. Shout-out to model Cailin, who stood like a statue that entire time!

Says Patty, “I have a small farm in upstate New York where Steele is used for driving, hauling firewood, plowing and riding for fun in all disciplines- including jousting!”

Here’s Tracey Buyce’s final photo of the scene:

Photo by Tracey Buyce.

Photo by Tracey Buyce.

Worth it!

If you have a fun horse video to share, send it to [email protected] — and go riding!

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