SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: National Equine Veterinarian Week Thank You

It’s National Equine Veterinarian Week! Our friends at SmartPak take a moment to thank to their hardworking equine vets who have been there for them through thick and thin.

September 18-25, 2016 marks the first annual National Equine Veterinarian Week, presented by SmartPak in partnership with Henry Schein Animal Health and the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners (NEAEP)! Our friends at SmartPak realized there was no week set aside to honor our hardworking equine veterinarians for all of the hard and often thankless work that they do to keep our horses healthy, happy and sound, so this week of celebration gives us all some time to honor and thank those key members of our horse lives.

We’ll be sharing veterinarian content all week long, and we’re kicking the week off with the SmartPakers themselves thanking their equine vets:

Keep an eye out for your own thank-you messages that you submitted to SmartPak last week, as well as plenty of other content from us at Horse Nation.

Go equine veterinarians, and go riding!

About NEAEP: The mission of the NEAEP is to improve the health and welfare of horses by providing state-of-the-art professional education and supporting the economic security of the equine industry by complementing established local associations and giving equine veterinarians, farriers, technicians, veterinary students, and horse owners a unified voice at the state and regional levels.

About Henry Schein Animal Health: Henry Schein Animal Health is the leading companion animal health distribution company in the U.S and long-time contributor to the NEAEP and other equine industry organizations and events. They have a comprehensive product offering for equine veterinarians that includes a pioneering, high-quality Corporate Brand. In addition to drugs and equipment, Henry Schein delivers a wide range of unique business solutions that support its equine and mixed animal customers, some of which include technology and software solutions, capital equipment repair services, practice design and remodeling solutions, home delivery, client marketing, and financial solutions.

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