Video: Harness Racing on the Beach

Julien Guntz’ latest video masterpiece focuses on the sights and sounds of a two-day harness meet on the beach in the west of France. Living the dream!

We consider ourselves at Horse Nation to be connoisseurs of the horse video: we love your high-budget, carefully-edited, beautifully-scored visual stunners with drone photography and sweeping storylines; we love your iPhone-shot viral videos of your horses doing something silly. And we also especially love the video work of Julien Guntz, which fits into neither of these categories.

Guntz’ lens and microphone capture the true sensory experience of a location, from the most mundane barn aisle to the greatest show venues in the world. His videography is about the next best thing to actually being in a place — simply press play and experience the sights and sounds of a horsey location.

This particular video is from the town of Plouescat in Finstère Nord, the west of France: for two days a year, the tides are low enough to allow the local horsemen to construct a temporary track and grandstand right on the beach and welcome trotters to the unique experience of racing by the sea. The date constantly shifts each year depending on the tides, which gives the event a grassroots feel.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of harness racing on the beach:

Thanks, Julien Guntz, for allowing us to experience so many aspects of the horse world! For more of Julien’s video work, click here to open up all of our past features on Horse Nation.

Go riding!

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