World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Réunion Island

Try not to become completely captivated by the thought of riding around this beautiful lake on Réunion Island off the coast of Madagascar!

This video will either cure your hump-day slump or make it ten times worse, but we’re not even a little sorry — it’s too beautiful not to share! Take a bird’s-eye view of this small party of riders on their gray steeds as they circle a serene lake hidden among the mountains of Réunion Island.

Réunion Island is an island region of France; the island is located over a hotspot in the Earth’s crust which leads to plenty of volcanic activity. The calderas and canyons make for dramatic scenery with nearly-vertical slopes throughout a hot, dry season May to November and cool and rainy weather from November to May.

We hope you enjoyed your Wednesday morning escape. As soon as you can, go riding!

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