Tuesday Video: Equine Photo Editing at High Speed

How DO equine photographers get those glossy magazine ads and print-worthy photos to look so perfect?

Flip through your favorite show magazine and you’ll see page after page of beautiful photos of the top horses in the industry — if the photographer/editor did his or her job, you’ll barely remember that a lot of editing goes into those picture-perfect images. How much work goes on behind the scenes at the photographer’s computer to create those beautiful images? These high-speed videos of the editing process courtesy of Bethany Unwin Photography give us a little glimpse into the process.

There are so many facets to our equine industry and we always enjoy sharing aspects of our world that we may not think about too often — equine photography, whether editorial, portrait, artistic or some combination, is a huge part of the horse world and it’s fascinating to get a glimpse of the kind of work photographers are doing behind the scenes.

Go riding!

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