SmartPak: If Horses Were People, Episode 9

It’s finally back! Our favorite video series from SmartPak has returned with another episode: stop whatever you’re doing for the next three minutes and watch this.

Oh, Sara and Sarah, how we’ve missed you: our favorite SmartPakers are back with the latest episode in the hysterical “If Horses Were People” series, and we can safely say it was worth the wait between episodes.

SmartPak‘s premise is so simple, yet so funny: what if people did the weird things our horses did? What if we did to people some of the funny things we do to our horses? Watch how these questions play out in Episode 9:

If you missed previous episodes, you can catch up here:

SmartPak’s tag line “We get you because we are you” has never been more true. Go SmartPak. Go riding!

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