SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Ask the Vet, September Edition

Our favorite horse health video series is back: SmartPaker Sarah and SmartPak staff veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray answer fan-submitted questions. The September edition is here!

SmartPak is so much more than a supplement and tack company: SmartPak helps horse owners educate themselves on all aspects of horse health and equine management, and its “Ask the Vet” video series answers fan-submitted questions on a huge variety of subjects. Check out the September edition for another entertaining but informative presentation!

Questions answered in this month’s video:

1. What do you think everyone should know before owning a horse – medically, that is?

2. When does supplementing become too much? I’ve talked to vets and they’ve said different things. What is your opinion, and when does it become too much?

3. What are the pros and cons of 24/7 turnout?

4. My horse has developed gigantic windpuffs in both legs. My vet assures me they are only cosmetic, but I’m concerned this may indicate joint discomfort and/or weakness and want to know if there is anything I should be doing to help combat it?

5. What vaccines should I be giving my horse?

Do you have your own questions for Dr. Lydia and Sarah? SmartPak gathers submissions using the #askthevetvideo hashtag. You can also ask your questions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the SmartPak blog (where you can read all of Dr. Lydia Gray’s Ask the Vet articles) — don’t forget the hashtag!

Don’t forget the bonus — if your question is selected for the next video, you get a SmartPak gift card!

Go SmartPak! Go riding!

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