World Equestrian Brands: Swimming Horses & Dolphins

YOU GUYS. This man’s job is to swim his horses alongside dolphins. REAL LIVE dolphins, people.

Okay, so maybe this is not technically a “helmet cam” video like the others we feature in our Wednesday morning column — in fact, this camera is most definitely not on the videographer’s head, nor is he technically even riding a horse, but we’re going to count it anyway.

It’s also not the smoothest video, when compared to the nice helmet mounts and steady galloping position we’ve come to enjoy from our favorite eventers and show jumpers. Truthfully, I got very slightly motion-sick while watching this. But DOLPHINS. There are dolphins, swimming with horses, and that overrides everything else there is to say about this video.

Tom Buchanan is a stablehand and reinsman for a pacing stable in western Australia and routinely swims with the stable’s horses for exercise (of both the reinsmen and the horses, we’d imagine!) From time to time, the swimming string receives visits from dolphins, which makes for a unique experience and a cool video.

#Squadgoals. #Summergoals. Just … #goals. There’s plenty of summer left, so let’s go hit the waves.

Go swimming, and go riding!

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