Thursday Video: Charlotte & Valegro’s Incredible Bond

It’s hard to deny that Charlotte Dujardin’s relationship with Valegro transcends normal human/equine partnerships. Check out her post-gold medal interview.

One of the greatest and most difficult to describe aspects of horse life is the incredible bond that can be forged between horse and rider, the sensation that one of you is an extension of the other, that you can think and move as one being. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to find your “heart horse” or ultimate companion; perhaps you are still seeking.

However, even for those of us who have found that ultimate equine partner, it’s difficult to watch Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, who continue to smash record after record and most recently won team silver and individual gold in Rio, and not believe that there may be something even greater at work here, a bond that transcends any horse/human relationship and borders on the supernatural.

Listen to what Charlotte had to say about her uncharacteristic pre-ride nerves before their individual musical freestyle performance on Monday:

This is one partnership that we’ll never get tired of watching, even if retirement is in fact in Valegro’s near future. While we can hardly imagine Charlotte partnering with anyone else, we’re sure she has so much more to give to the dressage and equestrian community.

Go Charlotte and Valegro, and go riding!

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