Product Review: Brushes by Horze

Turn grooming into a TLC session.

From top to bottom: the Horze Massage Curry Comb, the Horze Soft Grip Brush and the Horze Grooming Block.

From top to bottom: the Horze Massage Curry Comb, the Horze Grooming Block and the Horze Soft Grip Brush. Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

Equestrians, I’m sure you agree with me: it’s so much more rewarding to invest some money in great grooming products for your horses than it is to spend that cash on an afternoon at the spa for you. Am I right? I mean, what’s the point in getting a massage, facial, pedicure and all the rest if you could buy some nice new stuff for your equine with the same amount of money?

Folks, listen up here, because I think I might have found the perfect solution: Horze‘s line of grooming tools not only allows you to treat your horse to that day-at-the-spa grooming session, but is also budget-friendly enough to mean that there might be some cash leftover to treat yo’self as well.

I reviewed the Horze Massage Curry Comb, the Horze Grooming Block and the Horze Soft Grip Brush for mane and tail, and the lucky recipient of all of this attention was my big lush of a draft horse, Rocky.

The Horze Massage Curry Comb was my favorite tool of the trio: it fit perfectly in my hand with a strap to make sure it didn’t go flying and rolling across the barn floor, and the rubber tips both lifted dirt and loose hair to the surface like a regular curry while providing Rocky with the kind of massage that makes his lip go all pointy. I discovered all sorts of “scritchy spots” I didn’t even know he had while using the Massage Curry, and Rocky loved every moment.

I’ll admit that I never had much love for grooming blocks — I know many people including professional grooms swear by these things but I just never liked them much. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Horze Grooming Block: working in concert with the Massage Curry, the block whisked away all the loose hair and dirt I had lifted and restored Rocky to a beautiful shine. This tool will definitely be sticking around in my grooming bag.

Rocky’s mane is prone to twisting itself into some wild dreadlocks so having a good mane brush is critical for me — the Horze Soft Grip Brush proved to be durable and up to the challenge while also being comfortable for me to use. The brush made short work of Rocky’s tangles and also pulled out a minimal amount of mane, which both Rocky and I appreciated.

After I was done with our grooming/spa session, I asked Rocky what he thought:

Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

Photo by Kristen Kovatch.

If that’s not the face and droopy lip of a totally blissed-out draft horse, I don’t know what is.

The Horze line of brushes represents great quality for great value: the Horze Massage Curry Comb at $8.95, the Horze Grooming Block at $3.95 and the Horze Soft Grip Brush at $5.95 are a great budget buy to add a little spa comfort to your horse’s arsenal of tools.

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