Olympic Social Media Roundup: August 12

Your behind-the-scenes passport for Rio!

The Grand Prix Special, the phase of competition that named the medal teams, proved to be a dramatic day of ups and downs that eventually saw Germany taking team gold, Great Britain claiming silver and USA capturing bronze. For some athletes, their Rio journey is now at an end, while others are looking ahead to Monday’s freestyle, the individual medal finals.

Needless to say, the outpouring of support for our dressage athletes as well as responses from the athletes themselves dominated social media today.

We’ll start off with a chuckle at the incomparable Charlotte Dujardin, who apparently deals with Olympic pressure by tidying the barn like a good equestrian.

Team USA’s spirit and camaraderie is an inspiration all its own!

Great Britain’s Carl Hester never fails to entertain, while also being totally serious.

Ireland is beyond proud of its finalist Judy Reynolds and Vancouver K, the first Irishwoman to qualify:

Things we love:

While we might think of dressage fans as more of a “golfer’s clap” kind of crew, these photos prove that we know how to party.

#rio2016 #bestdayever #familyfun #familysupport #twohearts #belindatrussell

A photo posted by Susann Cannon (@susann_cannon) on

At the end of the day, it’s all about the horse and rider working as a team.


We’ll continue to bring you updates from Rio as competition continues! Showjumping kicks off on Sunday, and dressage concludes on Monday with the individual freestyle and medal ceremony

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