6 Guilty Pleasures All Equestrians Enjoy When We Know We Should Be Working

We might be equestrians in our free time, but a lot of us are desk jockeys during the day. Here are a few things we all know we’re guilty of doing when the boss isn’t looking.

Original photo by Creative Commons/Flickr/CC

Original photo by Creative Commons/Flickr/CC

Now, if we were really being honest, we know “reading Horse Nation” would be #1 — because hey look, it’s a Friday afternoon and here you are — but we can’t be quite that self-aggrandizing. Here are 6 other things that we all know we do at work when we’re pretty sure the boss isn’t looking.

1. Trawl Craigslist for bargain/compassion buys, good deals on farm equipment, or really, really bad ads.

Craigslist, as an online flea market, can be a treasure trove on a good day — you might find 50 roundpen panels in decent shape for $100 if you can come haul them away by tomorrow, or maybe the drag harrow you were really needing in your home arena. It can also be a black hole of miniature horse stallions, semi-feral “gated geldens” and rust-bucket trailers. It’s always a mystery, and once you start clicking, you really can’t stop. (Bonus: if you find something really good, you can always send it our way for Best of Craigslist.)

2. Catch up on your virtual horse farm.

Because the actual horse at the actual farm isn’t enough, you know that at one point in your life (if you don’t still) you have an account on Equine-Ranch, Sport of Kings or Star Stable. Fun fact (actually, more like a confession): I have at one point had an open account at Howrse, HuntAndJump, Equination and of course the gateway drug, Horseland. Why yes, I do have a farm with real horses on it. And yes, I may actually still have an open account at one of those games. #sorrynotsorry

3. Perfect your SmartPak wish list.

This feature is both one of the best and worst things about SmartPak.com. Now I can organize everything I want and need in my horse life in one place, all at the click of a button! Do my horses all need matching custom-embroidered turnout rugs for the winter? No. Would they look dapper as all get-out? YES. Good idea, SmartPak, thanks.

4. Surreptitiously change into your barn clothes in the work bathroom.

Not all of these things need to be done at the computer. Maybe no one will notice that your work-appropriate shoes have been replaced by cowboy boots, or your shirt and tie has suddenly been swapped for a polo shirt. They may, however, notice the smell.

5. Scroll through your own Facebook albums or Instagram feed to look at pictures of your horse.

Actually, you’re only doing this because your coworkers are really tired of you showing them the same pictures every time someone makes eye contact in the hallway or the lunchroom. Your eyes naturally travel from the photo of how beautifully Star picked up his knees over the rolltop at last weekend’s horse trial to the clock, to see how much time you have left before you sneak out the door and go to the barn early.

6. Browse Equine.com, Sport Horse Nation or similar sites for your next dream horse.

At my last job, my coworker and I used to trawl BigEq.com for the most fantastic hunters that money could buy. By the way, I showed reined cowhorse — I wasn’t even riding the hunters.

Okay, Horse Nation — ‘fess up. What’s your favorite work-hour equestrian guilty pleasure? Share in the comments section!

Go riding!

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