World Equestrian Brands: The Jumping Percheron is Back

Klein the eventing Percheron is back with another helmet cam view of her latest adventure: the Novice cross-country course at the Horse Park of New Jersey!

Picture an eventing horse and you might be imagining a Thoroughbred, a warmblood, perhaps a sporty draft cross … but you are most likely not picturing a full-blooded draft horse. Surprise, because Klein the Jumping Percheron is here to shatter your draft horse stereotypes: this rare lady possesses the conformation and athleticism to be an eventer!

Ride along with Klein over the Novice course at the Horse Park of New Jersey:

You go, Klein. I don’t think my two farm-hitch-bred Belgians will be joining you any time soon but you’re a lot of fun to watch.

Follow the further adventures of the Jumping Percheron via the blog by clicking here!

Go riding!

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