Twitter Tuesday

This week’s hashtag challenge: #SongsAboutMyHorse.

Okay, we get it — not everyone has a Twitter account. But we also know that limiting yourself to 140 characters can really bring out the best in a person’s writing, so we know Twitter Tuesday can become a thing if we all work together.

That said, last week’s hashtag challenge, for some reason, just didn’t bring us that many entries — maybe it’s the fact that we’re all too busy at the barn to do the dating scene, so we haven’t heard (or delivered) any #HorsePersonPickupLines. We won’t lie — this week’s challenge turned into a conversation between myself and our book reviewer Eileen Cody.

Now, Horse Nation, even though Eileen and I might be pretty hilarious (if we’re going to speak frankly) we know we can do better — we’re inviting you to join us this week for #SongsAboutMyHorse. Everyone’s horse has a story to tell — so tell us yours. Here’s a sample tweet to get you started:

Lyrics, song titles, snippets of verse … let’s hear ’em! Tweet to us at @HORSE_NATION, and go riding!

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