Product Review: Do Or Do Knot Halters

“Do Or Do Knot…There Is No Tie.” – Yoda (probably)

I’ve always loved the convenience of a rope halter — washable, cheap, durable, fits multiple horses — but the safety of a leather halter. The Do or Do Knot Halter might just be the best of both worlds.

The website says, “”Do Or Do Knot”™ Rope Halters combine the functionality of rope halters with the convenience of a snap to hold the crownpiece in place, eliminating annoying and potentially hazardous excess rope. Because these halters are snapped and not tied, they are simple to put on and take off, and are easy to wear underneath a bridle or pack in your saddlebag. With the right amount of pressure, the soft and durable rope helps you communicate without rubbing or pinching the sensitive parts of your horse’s face.”

I received two: the “side pull” and the “standard.”

At first glance, these look like your average rope halter. It fit well and looked sharp, particularly in my trademark bright orange color.

Then I hopped on bareback and really saw the value in this piece of equipment. Customarily, I just loop the lead rope through one side of the halter for quick rides. Anyone who has done the same knows that it’s not all that safe. With the Do or Do Knot Halter I simply snapped a pair of cheap reins — mine I think were designed for barrel racers — and I had plenty of “contact” and steering control. Gump has rode in little else for the past two weeks.

They come in a five different sizes and a plethora of colors, including glow in the dark.

But the #1 feature of this halter has to be the “breakaway loop.” My biggest fear with using rope halters has always been the safety issues. If a horse pulls back in a standard rope halter — generally made from paracord designed not to break — it can be very dangerous. This small piece of leather fixes all of that.

The website says, “These weatherproof leather strips are designed to attach to the halter’s loop and provide easy attachment for the halter’s snap (note: a traditional tie end will not​ fit). A Chicago screw holds the breakaway loop in place. The leather has a breaking point of 125lbs; should the unthinkable happen, the leather will tear, allowing your horse to break free.”

It’s genius.

Find out more at Do or Do Knot Rope Halters.

Go Riding.

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