Twitter Tuesday

We understand that Twitter’s not for everyone — it takes a lot of careful control to adequately express yourself in just 140 characters. But when you’re able to pull it off, a well-written tweet is a work of art.

Our Twitter hashtag challenge for the past week was #WorstLessonEver … unsurprisingly, you guys had another round of hilarious well-written little stories to share.

These lessons are pretty not-so-fun:

But we have to give a special Horse Nation shoutout to this horse and patient rider: we’ve copied the entire conversation, because with an intro like that, we knew we wanted the whole story.

Best. Story. Ever.

While we realize that’s going to be a tough act to follow, we’re nonetheless setting a brand-new Twitter challenge for this week: tell us your favorite #ActualTrainerQuote to be included in next week’s collection! We’re looking forward to reading your stories.

Tweet to us at @horse_nation, and go riding!

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