Tuesday Video: Billy to Rio Tries Dressage

Billy, a most unusual horse with big Olympic dreams, has been trying his hand — er, hoof — at various sports. He’s realized that, as a horse, he’s pretty good at equestrian events — such as dressage.

Billy, the Olympic-dreaming horse, is back with another episode: after trying yet failing at athletics, basketball and gymnastics, he’s realized that he has a lot of natural talent for — shocker — the equestrian events. Last week, we showed you Billy’s first foray into show jumping; this week, he’s dabbling in dressage. Watch Billy’s creative take on what exactly “freestyle dressage” means:

As Billy’s story continues, it’s becoming increasingly evident that he’s intended to boost awareness of Olympic equestrian sports. His Facebook page is full of helpful posts explaining the basics of show jumping and dressage — Billy’s latest two endeavors — such as the following illustration:

This all suggests that Billy’s next and final sport will be eventing! Stay tuned to see how Billy handles the three phases.

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