National Farriers Week: Stuff Riders Say

The “Stuff Riders Say” series is one of our favorite works of cinematic art that our friends at SmartPak have ever produced. In honor of National Farriers Week, we’re replaying one of the best!

There’s a reason that SmartPak‘s “Stuff Riders Say” series is so funny — because it’s all stuff that we’ve either said or witnessed someone else saying at one point or another in our equestrian lives. Seriously, watch “Stuff Riders Say … to Farriers” and tell me you haven’t said at least one of these lines at some point in your horse life!

National Farriers Week is an annual celebration of our hardworking horseshoers and trimmers and their valuable contributions to our horse’s health and soundness. Farriers are some of the most patient folks in the horse industry, as evidenced by this video, as well as their hours spent doing tough physical labor for what can be some very thankless equines!

Thank your farrier, and go riding!

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