Thursday Video: Billy Discovers Jumping

The adventures of “Billy to Rio” continue … and at last, Billy discovers what the rest of us knew all along: his talents lie in the equestrian events. Because, you know, he’s a horse.

If you haven’t been following the saga of Billy, the lightning-struck anthropomorphized horse with big Olympic dreams, you’ve been missing out on a real treat. At this stage of Billy’s adventures, he’s attempted a few different Olympic sports and discovered that, well, they weren’t really for him. Perhaps because Billy is a horse.

But in the latest episode, Billy finds something he really seems to be pretty good at — show jumping.

Okay, okay, the bit at 0:45 is admittedly pretty weird. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of slightly off-putting marketing strategy that our good friends at the FEI seem to be specializing in these days (seriously, don’t miss our sister site Eventing Nation’s roundup of bizarre social media gaffes by the FEI on the #RoadtoRio and I bet you’ll agree — this has FEI written all over it).

Either way, Billy, we’re behind you buddy. Peeking on Billy’s Facebook page, there are a few helpful photos, indicating that the entire Billy to Rio campaign was intended to help regular ol’ Olympic fans understand the nuances and complexities of equestrian sport:

Thanks for blazing the way, Billy.

For (slightly more legitimate) Olympic coverage, keep it locked on Horse Nation and our sister sites, Eventing Nation and Jumper Nation! Go riding!

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