National Farriers Week: If Horses Were People

It’s never too soon to rewatch SmartPak’s “If Horses Were People” series. In honor of National Farriers Week, we’re giggling over this special edition.

SmartPak hit comedic gold when they developed the “If Horses Were People” concept. If there’s one thing all of us as equestrians can rally behind, it’s these brief but absolutely hysterical videos of SmartPaker Sarah personifying every absurd thing our horses do in their daily life.

And in honor of National Farriers Week, we’re pleased to take a second (or, let’s be honest, third, fourth or fifth) look at the Farrier Edition video of the If Horses Were People series. Sit back and get ready to giggle.

Farriers of the world, we love you for putting up with us and our shenanigan-filled horses. May your week be filled with nothing but easy shoers, clean feet and not a drop of hoof polish anywhere.

Go riding!

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