Thursday Video: Visible Horse in Slow Motion

If you haven’t seen one of Susan Harris’ live “Visible Horse” presentations, you’re missing out! Fortunately, this video captured in slow motion does a good job as a substitute.

Susan Harris is a Centered Riding instructor and clinician, but is perhaps best known for her “Anatomy in Motion” demonstrations and seminars. While her living model is often imitated, Harris pioneered the concept of painting the muscle groups and skeleton on the horse’s coat to allow observers to see an idea of how the structures were moving beneath the surface.

This slow motion video captures the painted skeleton on a horse at a variety of gaits and ways of going. While the painted skeleton does not always move 100% accurately (as the horse’s skin only slides so far) it gives the observer a good idea of where the bones lie and how they function in the horse in motion.

You can learn more about Anatomy in Motion and find a clinic near you by visiting

Go riding!

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