Fantasy Farm Thursday: Just a $4.5 Million Somethin’ Somethin’ Near Paris

Parlez-vous français? I mean, I don’t, but I’m definitely fluent in French fries, French toast, and SEVEN French tack rooms in the French countryside.

This virtual tour practically needs no introduction. Horse Nation, meet Happy French Dreamy Place. You two are going to get along great.

Happy French Dreamy place is located in the Rambouillet Forest, just a forty minute jaunt outside Paris. It’s definitely a facility for the person who wants to have their cake and eat it, too. Drive into Paris for an evening of five-hour dinners and smokey poetry clubs, then wake up the next day and ride a few of the horses in your fifty-stall barn.

If it’s a rainy day in Parisian Paradise? Not a worry – you can swap your hack in the forest or grass arena session for time in one of TWO indoor arenas.

Horse needs a chiropractic adjustment? Just walk him over to the on-site veterinary facilities. Power goes out? Not here it doesn’t — this farm is equipped with its own self-sustaining solar panels! There’s also several acres worth of perfectly appointed pasture turnouts with ample shade and grazing. (Horses need their French toast equivalent too, after all.)

The farm also features a six bedroom, three bathroom home and attached bonus living quarters for staff and guests. There’s also a clubhouse, two offices, and yes, seven tack rooms.

When you consider the location, the amenities, the size and scale of the property, $4.5 million is actually a shockingly affordable number. If you ever seriously considered upending your current life to live the dream, I highly recommend doing it here.

You can find out more about the property at its listing with Wellington Properties.

Go Riding. (Especially if you can do it in France!)

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