Fantasy Farm Thursday: $17.9 Million Padua Stables in Ocala, Florida

This one-in-a-million racing farm has enough room enough for you, your dreams, and around 800 fast little legs.

“Fantasy Farm” just doesn’t begin to do justice to what we’re showing you today at Padua Stables. “Fantasy” implies that at one some point in my life I thought to myself, “You know, what I really need is 700-ish acres of pristine, manicured horse paradise with an entertaining mansion and two racetracks and a dozen or so barns. And lots of trees. and water features. And a few Breeders Cup Champions to my name.”

I’m very sorry to say that in my wildest imagination, I never quite fantasized such a marvel. But clearly someone did, and it’s singular. It’s easily one of the most exceptional horse properties in the United States.

All photos are used with permission and copyrighted by Christie’s International Real Estate.

The Property

Padua Stables is 768 acres, to be exact, and every inch is landscaped, manicured, groomed, designed and idyllic. The large historic trees on the property not only provide ample shade and dimension, but they also provide that iconic wild Florida landscape character for which Ocala is famous. There are multiple types of individual and group turnouts on the property, with extensive space for any type of horse operation you might desire, from breeding to racing to event hosting.








The Barns

There are numerous stabling facilities, and each is impeccably designed for its specific function. Ventilating cupolas, shaded breezeways and beautiful brickwork abound, and everything is in absolute immaculate condition, This property has been lovingly maintained in perfect working order over the years, and it shows. Altogether there are eleven barns for a total of 202 stalls. So, you know, you should probably warn your significant other that your horse collection is going to get pretty big.








The Tracks

We’re not kidding when we say that champions were made here. According to Padua Stables’ website, “We have¬†campaigned champions Vindication and Curlin, Breeder’s Cup Winners Cash Run and Cajun Beat, Grade One winners Any Given Saturday, Majesticperfection, Proud Accolade and Yes It’s True and other top horses Odysseus and Quinton’s Gold Rush.” Their stallions Yes It’s True and Exchange Rate were some of leading stallions in Florida. So when you race here, you’re racing across the top of history (and a bit of good luck, we think!)

There are two professional-grade training tracks with impeccable footing and amenities. The dirt track has the perfect dimensions and welcoming ambiance for young horses getting their feet wet, set to 3/4 of a mile. For the horses destined for the grass, there’s a one mile turf track that also happens to look like the pathway to heaven itself. There are starting gates onsite, observation areas, and just positively stunning appointments that make you feel like you’re living on your own little corner of Churchill Downs itself.






The Residence

The main home is the Queen to the match the barns fit for Kings. It was designed to host the world’s top trainers, owners, and breeders in the industry. It has eight bedrooms, catering kitchens, and more bathrooms than a basketball arena. The home looks out over the pristine landscape, water fixtures, and of course the horses.



Additional Outbuildings

Padua isn’t just a home and a barn, but a thriving business. There are plenty of additional spaces on site to make all the wheels go round in the well-oiled machine, such as office space, greenhouses, eurocruisers, roundpens, staff residences and veterinary facilities. (I’m kind of dying to know what’s in the greenhouse; heirloom carrots? Organic essential oil plants? Gluten-free hay?) Every last thing is ready for the right ambitious and experienced company to come in and thrive. And when you do, please hire me. Not to do real work, just like, watch the horses go around in the morning mist and write about it kind of work.




The property is currently listed for $17.9 million. The business of Padua Stables has refocused their energy to their property in Kentucky, so the legacy of the Padua brand will continue to live on in a new place, and the legacy of their previous facility can be yours for the taking!

Many thanks to Christie’s International Real Estate for sharing their property with us! You can visit their original listing here.

Go Riding!

(Please note: all photos are used with permission and copyrighted by Christie’s International Real Estate.)

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