#TBT: Elite Daily Sends Fake Jockey to Belmont Stakes

And it’s pretty hilarious how many intoxicated racegoers seem to believe that he’s the real deal.

As it turns out, all you need to convince people that you’re a real jockey is some silks, a pair of rubber rain boots and what looks like a Troxel helmet. News and entertainment site Elite Daily (who once sent a very tall man to the streets of New York to pretend he had just come from the NBA draft) decided to see what would happen if they sent a very short, slender guy — comedian Tyler Fischer — into the crowd on Belmont Stakes day to pretend he was a jockey.

As you might imagine when drunk people (who are not otherwise particularly big fans of horse racing) are concerned, it doesn’t seem to be too challenging to pull one over. The ensuing shenanigans are pretty hysterical. (The camera staff’s cover story was that they were his “documentary crew” following him around for the day.)

Hey, at least they didn’t try to throw him up on a real horse. Check out the full story at Elite Daily.

Go riding!

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