Take a Peaceful, Intimate Stroll Behind the Scenes of Nations Cup Jumping in Rome

Filmmaker and photographer Julien Guntz turns the every day moments of world class riders into incredible, satisfying works of art.

The backstage area of an event like the CSI5* Show Jumping Nations Cup event in Rome Italy is rarely witnessed by the everyday equestrian. In some ways, it’s all very much the same as any of us — the buckets, the grooming, the waiting. And in other ways it’s beyond our imagination — the photographers, the fans, the horses worth so much they’re practically priceless.

Filmmaker Julien Guntz allows us a glimpse into both sides of that world through his work. He masterfully captures both the joy and awe of equestrian celebrity, but also the long quiet moments of a horse show. The whole universe that exists solely in support of those 90 seconds in the ring of complete exhilaration.

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Thank you to Julien Guntz for sharing his exceptional work with us! If you missed the previous chapters of this series, check out the videos below!

Go Riding.


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