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Five must-haves for SmartPak’s Memorial Day Sale!


Memorial Day is typically considered the unofficial first day of summer, which means that for most of us we can put away our winter layers, pull out that horse show calendar and start enjoying the long days of summertime with our horses. To make this kickoff even sweeter, SmartPak’s Memorial Day sale is running for just a little while longer — don’t wait to take advantage!

Here are our favorite must-have summer items from SmartPak.

1. SmartPak Classic Fly Mask

Help your horse beat those bugs with SmartPak’s own fly mask! With heavy-duty Velcro and light mesh ears this mask keeps your horse’s eyes and ears protected without making him too hot. Check out our product review of the SmartPak Classic Fly Mask for more details!

2. SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak

Don’t forget to treat yourself in the summertime too! This longsleeve top works great for any equestrian discipline and blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping you cool and sunburn-free all season long.

3. SmartBug-Off

Does your horse need a little help from the inside-out to best the flies this summer? Look no further than SmartPak’s SmartBug-Off supplement, which includes garlic, apple cider vinegar and brewer’s yeast to deter biting insects. Diatomaceous earth also helps prevent insects from breeding in manure.

4. EquiVisor

Do like those West Coast riders and protect your face from the sun! The EquiVisor provides a little extra shade when you’re schooling in the hot sun and attaches to most riding helmets easily without impairing your vision.

5. SmartLytes

Make sure your hardworking horse stays properly hydrated so you can ride all summer long: SmartPak’s SmartLytes are an electrolyte supplement that supplies the minerals lost when your horse sweats and encourage him to drink more water.

Let summertime roll! Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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