This Moving Wooden Horse Sculpture is Mesmerizing

Maurice Montero of Arte Mecánico has created hundreds of absolutely stunning moving works of art in his shop in Ecuador, but his newest creation is certainly one that has a lot of appeal to the fine citizens of Horse Nation!

If you watched the video with the sound off, be sure to turn your volume on and get another viewing in! The gears have been designed to not only simulate realistic movement in the body, legs, neck and head, it’s also been carefully crafted to create the sound of galloping hooves to the correct timing.

Maurice’s other work includes flying contraptions, bicycles, human figures, and other unusual animals. His materials also vary significantly from project to project, including wood, metal, bamboo, paper, and fabric.

You can see more of Maurice’s incredible artwork at his Facebook Page, including many other horse sculptures of all types and sizes! There’s also a great behind the scenes tour of his studio here.

Go Riding.


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