2016 Best of HN #14: Barnhack Alert: Cheap, Genius, and Hilarious Trot Pole Holders

Yo go, life-hackers!

There’s a new craze in trot pole cups, and they’re not available in your local tack store. They are, however, available at your local Swedish furniture superstore, Ikea!

Ikea website

Screenshot, Ikea.com

People are repurposing these children’s training potties sold in America for $4.99 each as the perfect pole holder for all your cavaletti work. They are the perfect height off the ground, have a little rolling room and give if your horse hits a pole, but a sufficient lip on each side that your pole is less likely to be knocked off its holder entirely.¬†And we have to say, they’re quite bright and cute, to boot!

trot poles

Screenshot, British Dressage Facebook Group

Victoria Metford shared the above image of the poles at work in her arena on the British Dressage Facebook Group, and the post has gone viral. Victoria also shares with the group, “UPDATE: just spoke to IKEA to let them know why there might me be a sudden increase in the mass ordering of potties and they thanked me for the heads up and are going to rebrand them as ‘Trotties.'”

If you have any other Ikea supplies you’ve repurposed for the barn, be sure to share with your fellow equestrians in the comments!

Go Riding.


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