HN Product Review: Grooming Hands

Amanda Uechi Ronan tests Grooming Hands, antistatic massage and grooming gloves.

The idea for Grooming Hands by B Comfee was born from love. CEO Barb Schuster owned a skittish horse named Markley that hated being groomed during the cold, dry winters of the northeast because the static electricity build up on traditional brushes shocked him. After testing several materials, Schuster discovered carbon fiber filaments were the key to stopping static in its tracks and keeping Markley happy. She and her team incorporated that technology into gloves so that animals could reap the benefits of massage and owners would have the ease of not holding a brush.

I gave the Grooming Hands a rigorous two-week test. Watch my video review here:

Here are a few clips of the Grooming Hands in action with Aggie, Sunni and Elsa, complete with licking, chewing, neck stretching and looks of complete satisfaction. Elsa, my Great Pyrenees dog, has terribly sensitive skin and normally hates grooming, but she loves these gloves.

For more information, check out Grooming Hands website!

The gloves are available on Ebay for $23.99.

Go Riding.

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