Take Advantage of SmartPak’s Memorial Day Sale!

Summer’s just around the corner! Stock up on everything you need at SmartPak’s Memorial Day sale!


SmartPak’s Memorial Day sale is here! It’s the perfect time to stock up on your summer essentials, because every order is 15% off — and as always, orders over $75 ship for free.

Don’t forget that if you have an AQHA, USEA or USEF membership (among others!) you can score an additional 5% off every day. During the sale, that means 20% off your order!

Now, I could list all of the SmartPak things I might want or need during the Memorial Day Sale, but I decided to let my horses speak up this time. Here are their top picks:

Red would like the SmartPak Triple Stitch Halter ($69.95 original, $59.45 at 15% off), because he feels it would make him look taller:

Skip wants the Rockin’ SP Quarter Horse Cut Deluxe Fly Bundle ($187.95 original, $159.75 at 15% off), because in his words, “go big or go home”:

Winston requests the Weaver Airflex Straight Cinch ($62.95 original, $53.50 at 15% off), in anticipation of hours spent on the trail this summer:

And Dutch orders the 3-pound bucket of Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns ($22.95 original, $19.50 at 15% off), all for himself because he’s a giant fatty:

Shop the Memorial Day sale for everything YOUR horse wants and needs (and maybe treat yourself to a little something too)! Click the banner at the top of Horse Nation to open up the sale selection.

Go SmartPak! Go riding!

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