World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Camargue Herd

Ride along for an exhilarating drive of the iconic white Camargue horses through the brush!

Who hasn’t fantasized about galloping down a wild trail on the back of a snow-white steed, listening to the thunder of hoofbeats as other horses run freely around you? Thanks to a helmet cam video, you can now get at least one step closer to making that dream a reality — ride along for this exhilarating drive of a herd of Camargue horses in France!

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The Camargue is the iconic breed of southern France, often photographed in the marshes where their gray coats stand out among their background. Contrary to popular belief, the Camargue herds aren’t truly wild but have semi-feral status, with a registry helping to organize the breed. Horses to be registered in the main studbook must have been born outside in one of the recognized semi-feral herds from a registered dam.

Camargue horses are popular mounts in southern France for livestock herders, and are also becoming increasingly popular as sporthorse mounts.

Go riding!

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