World Equestrian Brands HC: Elisa Wallace’s Rolex XC

According to our sister site Eventing Nation, Rolex hangover is a legitimate medical condition. We’re here to help with a little helmet cam cross-country video from Elisa Wallace.

Another Rolex has come and gone, leaving equestrians all over the country nursing their Rolex hangover. There are no more rider standings to update; there’s no more live stream to watch; all of those carefully-collected stats have been laid to rest until next April.

But don’t worry, eventing fans — there are plenty of videos to help you relive the magic that was the Best Weekend All Year. Elisa Wallace never fails to deliver, whether we’re talking about her stellar eighth-place performance in Kentucky last weekend or her always-entertaining helmet cam videos that give us the rider’s-eye-view of the course.

For the vast majority of us that will never gallop around a four-star, hold on tight: it’s time for another wild ride aboard Simply Priceless. (Excuse the rain spots — it was another soggy cross-country day this year!)

“Go Johnny go!” As Wallace states as she crosses the finish line, “that was hard! We both got tired.” (I got tired just watching, let alone riding that hard at a sustained steady pace in challenging conditions over jumps the size of my house.)

Go Johnny! Go Elisa! And go riding!

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