Product Review: Springing Forward in Style with Cavender’s

Boots by Ariat, shirt by Wrangler, jeans by Rock & Roll Cowgirl… here’s how to get this fresh spring look from western wear institution Cavender’s.


Medium Wash Boot Cut Jeans from Rock & Roll Cowgirl, Ariat Round Up Punchy Square Toe Boot, and Wrangler Women’s Pink & Turquoise Short Sleeve Western Shirt, all available from Cavender’s. Photo by Leslie Wylie.

When it comes to footwear I am pretty much the polar opposite of Carrie Bradshaw. It’s not that I don’t have an appreciation for shoes — I do. It’s just that my shoe budget is more likely to go toward the farrier than a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

For that reason I tend to gravitate toward versatile, hardworking footwear that earns its keep. The latest addition to my shoe rack’s starting lineup: the Ariat Round Up Punchy Square Toe Boot, available from Cavender’s.

Photo courtesy of Cavender's.

Photo courtesy of Cavender’s.

At last I’ve found a boot that can keep up with my all-over-the-place lifestyle. Let’s face it: we horse folks aren’t the greatest at compartmentalizing our existences. Our barn lives are constantly bleeding into our “normal” (ha!) lives, in some ways more than others.

For instance: Do you think I’m going to change my shoes to run into the grocery store on the way home from the barn? Nope. How about for dinner out after a long day at the horse show? Still nope. I don’t have the mental energy to remember to pack a change of shoes every time I leave the house.

These Ariats don’t need backup. They’re just as at home in a dusty arena as they are on a downtown sidewalk, both in comfort and in style.

The powder-brown full grain leather is set off by a pink stitch patterns that is feminine without being too “girly-girl.” They feature an 11″ upper, 2″ heel, scalloped top and punchy square toe that is a fresh, fashionable spin on classic cowboy boot style.

Photo courtesy of Cavender's.

Photo courtesy of Cavender’s.

Not only do they look great, they have all day wearability in the comfort department (another thing Carrie sure can’t claim about her Louboutins). From support to cushioning, they’re classic Ariat, replete with the company’s patented 4LR Technology and synthetic air-mesh lining.

Ariat’s Duratread outsole can’t be beat in the saddle or out. They’re flexible enough for you to keep those heels down, grippy in the stirrups and resistant to barnyard slips. I’ve owned many a pair of Ariats over the years and can testify to their durability — even wearing them day-in and day-out I’ve never had a sole come apart on me.

Photo courtesy of Cavender's.

Photo courtesy of Cavender’s.

Depending on what you’ve got going on above them, this Ariat boot style can be as fancy or as casual as you want them to be. On a recent Sunday I went from one extreme, champagne brunch downtown, to the barn and felt equally at home in both environments.


From brunch to barn in style.

For both outings I paired them with a Wrangler Women’s Pink & Turquoise Short Sleeve Western Shirt, also from Cavender’s. The bright pastels, blousy cut and lightweight 55% cotton/45% polyester blend fabric make it perfect for spring. Like the boots, this shirt can be a workhorse at the barn or a cute top when you’re on the town, accented with details like turquoise pearl snap closures and a yoked style. The tails were long enough to stay tucked into jeans or hang loose, but I thought I’d up the ante by tying them in a low knot in front.

I did swap from a denim skirt at brunch (these boots are too cute to cover up! check out Cavender’s skirt selection here) to jeans when I headed to the barn afterward.

My pick: another Cavender’s top seller, these Medium Wash Boot Cut Jeans from Rock & Roll Cowgirl. There’s no breaking-in period with these jeans or humbling struggles to squeeze into them post-dryer. Being 98% cotton/2% Spandex, you can shimmy straight into them and be on your way in comfort and style.


My horse Esprit: “Are those pockets peppermint scented or are you just holding out on me?”

I’m a big fan of the low-rise, which sat comfortably above my hip and was just high enough up to keep me decent in the saddle. Feeling a breeze back there is never a good sign! Cavender’s also carries Rock & Roll Cowgirl Jeans in mid-rise and “riding fit” (higher back rise) styles if that’s your cup of tea — you can check out the full line here.

The boot cut slid easily over my Ariats. The only fit issue I ran into was that I usually wear jeans in a petite or ankle size, so these ran a shade long. For $10 I had them hemmed at my local alternations shop: problem solved.

And now, ladies, for the real question: What can these jeans do for our butts? Rock & Roll Cowgirl’s answer: Make them look ah-mazing.


Well-played, jeans. Well-played.

We horsegirls work hard for our curves — you don’t get thighs and derrieres like ours from weekly yoga class — and we want a jean that shows them off with strategic fading/whiskering and details.

The silvery embroidery with leather embellishments on these back pockets will have heads turning without screaming “look at me,” which I appreciate. To each his own, but I’ll leave the rhinestones and bling to someone else. Like, you know, Carrie Bradshaw.

Blue skies, buttercups and the outfit equivalent of a perfect spring day.

Blue skies, buttercups and the outfit equivalent of a perfect spring day.

Get the look from Cavender’s:

Ariat’s Round Up Punchy Square Toe Boot ($139.99) — Shop all Women’s Boots from Cavender’s

Wrangler Women’s Pink & Turquoise Short Sleeve Western Shirt ($40) — Shop all Women’s Western Shirt from Cavender’s

Medium Wash Boot Cut Jeans from Rock & Roll Cowgirl ($65.98) — Shop all Women’s Jeans from Cavender’s

Founded in 1956, Cavender’s is a western wear institution with over 70 western stores across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and Kansas. They offer a huge selection of cowboy boots, cowgirl boots and western wear for men, women and kids with great deals on the top brands such as Ariat, Justin, Wrangler, Cinch, Corral and Miss Me.

If you can’t visit a store in person, check out their website here. Bonus: free shipping on footwear and all orders over $50! And be sure to follow Cavender’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Go Riding.

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