5 Horses & A Donkey Searching For Forever Homes

Do you have room in your heart and your barn?

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free or via a small adoption fee to a registered equine rescue. Each seller/buyer should do their own research. If you do adopt one of the featured horses, we would love an update!

Stretch – Pennsylvania

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Photo Courtesy Bright Futures Farm.

“Bay Standardbred Gelding, 17.1 Hands, Foaled: 1999. Stretch is a highly intelligent horse that needs a rider who will be assertive when necessary and not allow him to take advantage of them. He is a thinker and has a mind of his own. That said, he is not a difficult horse to ride and is an easy ride for an intermediate level rider. He has been ridden in the ring, on trails and has jumped up to 2′. He has been ridden infrequently the last few years, but is very easy to transition back into a routine. He enjoys trail riding and can be anywhere in the pack. He will also go alone. He is a very fun horse for the right rider and is very laid back and easy going on the ground.  Stretch is a combination of Baby Huey, Dennis the Menace and the Three Stooges all rolled into one. He enjoys learning and will always be interested in whatever you’re doing and often “offer” to help. If you like a horse with a lot of personality and are looking for a bigger ride, this is the guy for you!

It’s important that all of our horses find a loving, forever home where they will be happy and safe. So before contacting us about adopting, understand that when you adopt a horse from Bright Futures Farm, it means you want to make the horse a part of your family. Once you adopt, if a circumstance arises that prevents you from keeping your horse (a move, health issues, financial issues, etc.), know that our contract requires you to contact us and arrange the return of the horse to our program.”

Tucker – Pennsylvania

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Photo Courtesy Omega Horse Rescue.

“Tucker is a stout 7 yo, QH/Cross who is sound, low maintenance and easy to care for. Tucker enjoys grooming and is friendly, loves treats and enjoys the company of people. He gets along well in the field with other horses and is a great friend and babysitter. Tucker has been introduced to our XC course and has started to learn to accept the bit and move off of leg. He has also been schooled through water and over small logs easily. Recently, Tucker has been in full training daily in the ring and has been working at the walk and trot over obstacles such as ground poles and has been riding well in patterns. Recently, Tucker has started to canter and has been picking up his leads. Tucker has also been trail ridden several times weekly. Tucker would do well with a confident, intermediate rider as he is still green, but he is extremely willing to learn and has no naughty habits, spooking or vices. Tucker would excel on the trails, as a XC/Event mount or simply enjoy paper chases as well.

It is our goal to place horses into “forever” homes where they will be wanted and cared for properly for the rest of their lives. The adoption rules are straightforward: By adopting a horse from this Rescue, you agree to provide the animal with a caring, loving home, or return the horse to the Rescue in the event the horse needs to be placed in a new home. Adopters cannot breed, track race or resell any equine adopted from this Rescue. The Rescue retains legal ownership of every equine that comes to the rescue, for the rest of its life. This “Protective Ownership” stipulation allows us to legally reclaim a horse if at any time it is found to be in an unsatisfactory situation, and place it in a more suitable environment. This “tough love” rule may seem extreme, but it is intended to ensure the best possible adoption outcome horses and adopters.

Currently we only adopt horses to people in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.”

Lucky – Oklahoma

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Photo Courtesy Horse Feathers Equine Center.

“BREED: TB CROSS, Gelding, ADOPTION FEE: $350, DOB: 05/21/2012

Lucky was born at the facility so has had lots of hands on work. He is young and at that “teen” stage. He needs someone who can work with him and prepare for saddling/backing. He is curious, wants to be around people and has lots of energy. He requires an experienced handler at this time.

We have an adoption application process and a contract that must be signed if approved. We ask that if this is your first time owning a horse that you come to learn about caring for a horse and if you have a particular horse in mind that you spend time getting to know your forever companion. We want to ensure that it is a great “fit” with the horse you adopt.”

Wyatt – Oklahoma

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Photo Courtesy Rainbow Meadows Ranch.

DOB: 2009, Gelding, 15h

Wyatt was in a situation in which he found himself needing a new home, and his owners turned to Rainbow Meadows to help ensure for his welfare. He had been rescued as a youngster, needing rehab, but his rescuer found she could no longer provide care. Wyatt went to a new home who provided care and training. Wyatt has been exposed to numerous desensitization clinics and done well.  He is very impulsive (likes to go) and is not a good candidate for a beginner or as a “kid’s horse”. He is very friendly and loves human interaction.”

Tommy Tango – Nevada

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Photo Courtesy L.E.A.N.

“Tommy was rescued by LEAN in August 2012. He has spent the past 3 years rebuilding trust and regaining health. He is approx. 19 yrs old and 13 hh. He is great with other horses, animals, and is very solid on the ground. Tommy would be perfect for 4H. Tommy needs a patient, loving family to build trust in.

Tommy is available for adoption for $450 for experienced rider w/trainer only.”

Benjamin – Nevada

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Photo Courtesy L.E.A.N.

“Benjamin was a very ill-mannered donkey stud who came to L.E.A.N. in October 2015. He was very aggressive and was taken immediately to Desert Pines Equine for castration surgery. After only 2 months of training, he was able to be quietly led on a line. This handsome donk needs a daily job and handling with an experienced owner, and will be a great partner for the right person. Donkey gelding approx. 3 yrs old. Experience with donkeys required for adoption. $300 to approved home.”

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