Thursday Morning Video: AZ Burros Meet Green Grass

Green grass is the most natural thing in the world for some horses — but not for these wild burros who are used to the Arizona desert!

According to Montgomery Creek Ranch, “This is what it looks like when an Arizona burro sees green grass for the first time! We turned the burro herd out onto grass to get them used to this ‘foreign’ terrain before turning them out on the ranch to run free. Truly an amazing sight.”

(Don’t worry, Montgomery Creek is an experienced wild horse and burro rescue — these burros were introduced to green grass slowly to protect them from founder and other conditions.)

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The burros have since figured out that grass is really good to eat, and will eventually join the rest of the wild horse and burro herds at the sanctuary when they’re fully acclimated. Learn more about Montgomery Creek Ranch at the organization’s website. You can also “like” them on Facebook for more updates!

Go burros, and go riding!

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