Tuesday Video: Extreme Bridleless Trail

I have a hard enough time just going on a regular trail ride with my normal tack, let alone tackling these extreme obstacles bareback and bridleless!

The cool thing about our sport of horseback riding is that you’ve never truly mastered any one thing — there will always be one more step to take, one more skill to master, one more level of closer communication to attempt with your horse.

Case in point: while I feel pretty great about the fact that my horse and I have a relationship that allows us to discover and attempt new obstacles on the trail, there’s this video of a bareback/bridleless extreme trail course (on a three-year-old) that reminds me there will always be more obstacles to keep us challenged:

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Leuke speeltuin!!

Posted by HorseShit on Monday, April 4, 2016

Pretty impressive! For other “average Janes” like myself, I do appreciate seeing an outtake — even the best relationships make some mistakes.

Go riding!

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