HN Best of 2016 #15: Beach Ride Becomes Sea Ride

This footage is heartstopping, hilarious, and will make you want to crawl under a stack of electric blankets in your fuzzy socks.

A rider got the frigid dunking of a lifetime while on a group ride near the sea, and while it could have quickly turned into a scary situation, the rider remained calm and both the horse and rider seemed no worse for the wear. (Note: must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

Posted by I Love Horses on Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beach riding can be a memorable cross off the old bucket list, but it can also be a bit scary to a horse unfamiliar with the ocean/shoreline landscape, sounds, and atmosphere. The British Horse Society has a very handy guide on the subject that we highly recommend. Their suggestions include:

  • Only ride on equine-approved beaches (duh.)
  • Enter the water slowly at an angle, so that a frightened horse will shy instead of rear
  • Do not ride in the water if you cannot see the bottom
  • Wear high visibility clothing; reflective is even better
  • If you’re playing in salt water, be sure to clean your tack and boots after to avoid cracking, warping, and rust
  • Going with experienced buddies and horses, particularly if yours is new to the ocean, is highly recommended
  • Take a video and send it to Horse Nation (We just made that one up, but it’s a REALLY good idea)

Go Beach Riding.

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