Watch This: ‘Roller Derby’

The Grand National this is not.

The Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle has become a cult favorite all around the world; some countries have held their own versions while many have spoofed the show relentlessly (in the US, you might be more familiar with Takeshi’s Castle as Most Extreme Elimination Challenge or MXC). The premise of the show requires volunteer teams to compete over a variety of physical challenges and obstacles to reach a character named Takeshi in his castle. The challenges are often pretty creative and a little wacky — such as the Roller Derby.

Contestants wear roller skates and an enormous foam horse and jockey suit, and then race over small obstacles. The result … well, we’ll let the video speak for itself.

The Grand National, this is not. But it may be equally if not more entertaining.

Thanks, Leslie Threlkeld, for the tip!

Go riding!

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