2016 Best of HN #17: Which Is the Standardbred?

Try your hand at picking out the Standardbred in this quiz video put together by Won by One and ROC the Standardbred!

While the off-the-track Thoroughbred is rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to big efforts by national organizations, the off-the-track Standardbred, while not as numerous, is equally deserving of a spotlight as a versatile second-career animal. Standardbreds have unfortunately picked up a reputation for being un-elegant plain Janes, but in reality they come in many shapes, sizes, colors and abilities, just like the Thoroughbred.

To help shake some of the stereotypes, the Standardbred rescues Won by One and ROC the Standardbred collaborated to make this quiz video: can you pick out which is the Standardbred in each of these examples?

How did you do? As demonstrated in this video, the Standardbred can be an excellent choice for multiple disciplines and there are many deserving animals coming off the track looking for homes. We encourage interested readers to check out Won by One and ROC the Standardbred for more information.

Go Standardbreds! Go riding!

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