Video: ‘Bad Dancing’

Bad dancing: one way to interpret your horse’s weaving problem.

Reader Marcy Flickinger sent us this video of herself “dancing” with Brody, a lesson horse at the barn where her daughter rides. According to Marcy: “He’s got nice foot work in the ring … but some smooth moves outside of it too!” Brody weaves when his pasture buddy leaves to go work in the lesson ring less than twenty feet away from his turnout — as soon as his buddy comes back, the weaving stops.

Until then, it’s dancing time. (Note: must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

If you are in the horse world.. You know I’m being silly and making light of the fact that this horse is “weaving.”If…

Posted by Marcy Eiseman Flickinger onĀ Friday, March 25, 2016

Nice moves, guys.

Marcy assures us that Brody has feed, water and a lovely turnout — the weaving is just one of those unfortunate anxious OTTB traits that we have to live with sometimes.

Go riding!

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