Did your picks survive the cut? Get a recap of round one and make your selections NOW for the Sweet Sixteen!

Round one of The Horse Nation Big Dance was a huge success, unlike my significant other’s NCAA Bracket.


Don’t worry, honey, there’s still hope for Kansas.

Some of the matchups were complete and utter blowouts. Our largest margin of victory was George Morris, who beat Pat Parelli into the ground like a crummy tent stake with 91% of the vote. Other blowouts included Secretariat (78%), Valegro (73%), Beezie Madden (78%), Zenyatta (76%) and Reed Kessler (81%).

By far the closest race of Round One was the Cast of Unbranded vs. The Dynamite Dames, which split 51/49 in favor of Unbranded. I think you can expect to see the Dynamite Dames come back with a vengeance in next year’s Big Dance!



With the matchups set for the Sweet Sixteen, it’s time to vote, ladies and gentlemen! Valegro vs. Secretariat? I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. Get to votin’!



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