Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: Ask the Vet

Our friends at SmartPak keep those videos rolling! Check out the new educational series “Ask the Vet,” in which SmartPak staff veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray answers horse health questions submitted by fans.

In the horse world, we all know that if you have a question, the chances are good that someone else has that question too. That’s the premise behind SmartPak’s new video series “Ask the Vet”: SmartPak fans submitted their questions and then voted on which questions they’d like to see answered.

The inaugural video focuses on common wintertime horse concerns: coughing and sneezing in warmup, dealing with wintertime arthritis flareups, how best to blanket according to conditions, and more!

We’ll continue sharing the Ask the Vet videos on Horse Nation — keep an eye out for when submissions are open for the next round of questions for the chance to submit yours! (If your question is selected, you win a SmartPak gift card: how cool is that?)

Go SmartPak! Go riding!

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