SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Clayton Edsall and Skeets Oak Peppy

The World’s Greatest Horseman competition at the National Reined Cow Horse Association’s Celebration of Champions in Fort Worth, Texas just wrapped up! Watch the winning fence run.

Screenshot via Vimeo

Screenshot via Vimeo

The best reined cow horses and riders in the country faced off last week in Fort Worth, competing for national titles in a variety of classes. The greatest title up for grabs was the World’s Greatest Horseman, testing a horse and rider’s ability in reining (also called “dry work”), cow work, herd work and steer stopping. Watching a great cow horse at work is one of the greatest pleasures in the western horse world, and the winning run from last week’s competition is a textbook example.

Well, almost — the first cow drawn by Clayton Edsall and Skeets Oak Peppy isn’t so cooperative, so the judges award a new cow. This isn’t too uncommon in reined cowhorse, where a bad cow that runs through a horse is considered a major safety hazard and is typically removed from competition.

Edsall and Skeets Oak Peppy first “box” the cow, or demonstrate working control at one end of the arena. They then take it “down the fence,” performing two fence turns to show the ability to rate, stop and turn a cow (the first turn is a classic example; the second turn is an “open field” turn performed off the rail). Then comes the biggest challenge: circling the cow at least once in each direction.

Clayton Edsall and Skeets Oak Peppy earned the World’s Greatest Horseman title thanks to this beautiful cow work performance. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done!

Go cow horses! Go riding!

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